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régénrateur de pile alcalines non recheargables jetables

Regenerate your batteries with RegenBox

RegenBox offers ways to sort and regenerate your single use batteries

The alkaline battery today

985 million
This is the number of alkaline batteries sold in France in 2021.
= 10 million batteries
100g of CO2
This is the average carbon footprint of an AA battery.
On 4 discarded batteries,
1  is new, 
2 are regenerable
and 1 has to be recycled.

Sources : Ademe et données internes

Charging non-rechargeable batteries:
How it works ?

In the 1970s, one of the inventors of the modern alkaline battery developed a way to recharge them.  The RegenBox team worked for several years to update its technique of electrical micro-pulses
Our tests show that 50% to 80% of their initial life can be obtained.


Courbe de recharge d'une pile alcaline


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