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Thanks for your purchase !
Here are the tutorials for assembling your RegenBox

Instructions for use: 

Before inserting the batteries into the RegenBox, the batteries should be tested with a voltmeter for proper usage and refer to the following values: <0.9V = to recycle, from 0.9V to 1.3V = to regenerate, 1.3V to 1.5V = to reuse.

Then, connect a USB socket to the RegenBox and connect a USB charger (5V) to the mains. Once connected, the red and green LEDs should flash. They show the pulses sent to the batteries, and are useful for remote diagnosis in the event of a malfunction of the RegenBox.

For a complete regeneration of each battery, a duration of 7 to 8 hours is necessary. To check the regeneration, unplug the RegenBox, measure the battery voltage with a voltmeter and refer to the values ​​above

The RegenBox is an experimental project, we decline all responsibility in the event of a problem or malfunction.

Usage precautions:

1. Never regenerate damaged, corroded or leaking batteries. This device is suitable for alkaline batteries only. Never regenerate lithium batteries.
2. Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly in the battery compartments and that the polarity is correct. 

3. Use only at room temperature (0 to 40° Celsius). Avoid excessive heat and humidity. 

4. This appliance is intended for household use only. Use the device only as described in this manual. 

5. To avoid any electric shock, never immerse all or part of the device and its power cable in water or any other liquid. 

6. Always unplug your device after each use. 

7. Do not use the device if the plug or power cable is damaged. 

8. Always use the device on a dry surface and do not use the device outdoors.

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